2018 Relaunch

Wow, just realized that I have not written anything since March of last year! The second part of last year I was focused on training for a half marathon and accomplishing goals that I had set for myself, that blogging fell to the side. But that is alright because I am back and ready to educate and advocate!

I usually start the first blog of the year talking about my goals for the year, but this year I want to do start off differently. There are so many issues in the news today that I could speak on, but I honestly do not know where to begin. So I am going to start this year off writing about preparing for another year serving the youth of Jamaica on a mission trip.

Today the team met to start preparation for the trip. I am excited about another year meeting new youth and having the opportunity to let God use me in whatever way He sees fit. I have been participating in this trip since my Junior year of undergrad (I refuse to count the years! LOL). We have an amazing team that is forming and we are looking for other people to go, assist financially, or pray. If you are interested in helping in any way, please let me know.

Until next week I leave you with this quote from my¬†Passion Planner: “WHETHER YOU THINK YOU CAN, OR YOU THINK YOU CAN’T-YOU’RE RIGHT. HENRY FORD”

Jamaica 2018 Flyer


Transformed Jamaica Mission 2015 Day 3

So About Day 3…Well we are in the thick of it! Today the walls have started coming down and we are getting to the deeper issues. Today was the first day of the morning sessions. Today was also the start of the resistance to change. We were faced with attitudes and defiance throughout the day. This is when the stretching happens and shifting occurs. And in many ways this is the calm before the storm. Not a storm as in trouble, but as in when the youth start to believe that if they give their life to God and start applying the skills that they learned to their life. Many times when we think about a storm we think of it in a negative manner. But the truth is stroms serve a purpose nature and there is beauty in th midst of them and peace after them. See as these youth start to make the choice and commitment to change, they will not only be faced with the returning to the same challenges they had before, but they will be faced with new ones. But they will not face them as they have in the past. They will be armed with new armour, skills. They will be equiped to not only impact their own lives, but the lives of their communities. I am excited to see the next step in God’s plan.