Will you participate for justice?

Sorry no posts for a couple of weeks, but I have been so tied up with a new position. I have struggled over the last 36 hours trying to decide if I would make a statement about the Trayvon Martin verdict. I have watched, read, and listened to news outlets, friends, and family give their different opinions about the case. I will admit that I was not surprised by the verdict, but I am still sadden by it. I am urging like so many that no violence occur behind this. I urge people to find peaceful and appropriate ways of dealing with this. People are demanding change and I agree. There are a number of cases out there that are very similar to the Trayvon Martin case. I feel that there needs to be a deeper change in the way that our judicial system is currently run. I have listened to people discuss how they are going to move to another country as if that solves anything. Other countries are faced with oppression in some form. We need to deal with the issue, not run from it. What strikes me is some of these people making these claims are people who do not participate in our system. They refuse to vote, get involved in advocacy, and are the first ones to try to get out of jury duty. When will we stop complaining and start participating? When will we realize that in order to make change we have to participate and be consistent in our participation. Having two parents who grew up during the Civil Rights movement and took me to go vote with them for every election I was excited to sign up to vote when I turned 18. Since earning my undergraduate degree in policy studies I have a greater appreciation for how policies are created. Before voting, I make it a point to investigate all aspects of the ballot; not focusing only on the candidates, but also the referendums and policies. It is my hope that people not only participate in the protests for Trayvon Martin, but make it a point to fully participate in all other areas of our legal and government systems. 


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