Jamaica Mission Trip 2016 Day 3

So today was the first full day of camp. I love how each year something is added for the further development of youth. This year Pastor Alton added quiet time to start to teach the youth how to be still and listen to God. This morning after exercise and a game the youth had there first experience. It was a beautiful site to see all of the youth spread out across the field spending time with God! I spent part of the morning with the gentlemen conducting their morning sessions. They were open and engaged throughout the session. Throughout the day I asked random youth what they have been learning and they were able to respond immediately and even discuss how they can apply it to their life after camp. These youth are yearning to learn more and seeking God. Even the youth who have declared they do not believe in God are identifying things they are learning. This team I am serving with continue to amazing me with their wisdom, energy, and discernment.

Jamaica Mission Trip 2016 Day 2

So the youth arrived today. I must say that this group of children have bonded the quickest than previous groups and are very respectful of the rules. What is a bigger blessing is they have already started opening up and working on breaking the cycle of thier lives. But here is the story of the day. So last year we had a young man who was reunited at camp after the area director had to make the facility he was staying at bring him knowing that he would not be able to return. Upon him arriving we found out that the child was malnutritioned and there was allegations that he was being abused at the home. At camp we started loving on him and feeding him extra food to get his strength up. We even had to go buy him clothes. By the end of camp the workers were able to find him a new placement. Well he returned to camp this year walking with his head held high, at a healthy weight, and verbal during the discussions. Can I get a praise dance?! It is amazing to see how much God has done in this child’s life since last year. This is only one of the amazing stories unfolding here. This team is amazing! I know I say it every year but their is something about the cohesiveness of this team despite this being the first year for many of them. Please continue to cover us as we serve and for the cycles that are being broken in the children as well as the staff attending the workshop.

Jamaica Mission Trip 2016 Day 1

So today was travel day. This year I made it a point to fly out of Orlando so I would not have to change  planes and I will not have a 7 hour layover on my way back. I was able to meet up with my team who were already on the buses waiting. The drive up to Camp Moorlands was quick and eventful as usual (referencing the driving). We arrived early to camp and was able to unpack. Those of us who have been here previous years do not know what to do with the spare time we have. We even completed the prayer walk this evening. I have spent the day reflecting back because 5 years ago on a Monday I was scheduled to come to the 2011 camp but had to cancel last minute due to my mother going into the hospital. That was the beginning of her being diagnosed with cancer. I feel as if I have come full circle! I am excited with anticipation about the lives that will be impacted by God this week. This year’s theme is “The Cycle Breaker”coming from 2 Corithians 5:17.