Transformed Jamacia Mission Trip 2015 Day 5

Can you say tired! So today was the last full day and it was full of fun. We ended on a high note playing “Steal the bacon” after exercising at 6AM. We then had a wonderful morning session. I ended up spending an hour and a half with the boys. Today I was stretched as I taught the boys. The Holy Spirit led me to give my testimony about the failed marriage. This was the first time I have given that testimony to a group of males. It was hard, but I pushed through it and the boys were receptive. A number of them came up to me and spoke about the struggles they have gone through. They also talked about wanting to treat ladies differently.

The rest of the day was pure fun! The youth engaged in Field Day, we got dressed up, had a banquet, and ended with a great dance. At times the day was bitter sweet knowing it was the last day. A few of the youth have distanced themselves in preparation for goodbye. I am proud of the lives that have been transformed!! I may be horse and exhausted, but it is all worth it!

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