2014 Goals

Well it is the last day of the year and social network sites are being flooded with New Year’s Resolutions. I have even seen posts with the expectation that they will be broken a few weeks into 2014. I propose doing away with New Year’s Resolutions and instead setting up personal goals in all areas of your life. Many resolutions fail because they are unrealistic and the person does not identify the specific steps they need to take. I teach my mentees and clients to make sure their goals are dated, specific, and achievable. For example, instead of the goal being “To lose weight” it should be “I will lose 20 pounds by the end of March” (based on a healthy weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week). For each goal you need to identify the objectives, or steps, it takes to reach the goal. The objectives should also be dated, specific, and achievable. Continuing with our current goal, the objectives could be: 1) To workout Monday through Friday from 6-7AM with cardio days being Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and Strength Training Tuesday and Thursday; 2) To follow the Shred Diet for six weeks starting 1/6/14; etc. You should also set up dates to evaluate where you are on your goal. Using our example we can set up to evaluate our progress the first of every month. During the evaluation if you find something is not working, make adjustments to you goal or objectives. For 2013 my goal waa to live a healthier lifestyle by losing at least 25 pounds, working out every week of the year, and completing my first half marathon without injury in under 4 hours. I am happy to report that I completed all of my goals with the exception of working out every week. I will admit that there were about 4 weeks spread out where I did not workout because on injury or illness, but 48 out of 52 sounds great to me. If you follow these simple steps and stay determined you will reach your goals!

My goal for this blog in 2014 is to write on a subject at least every Monday giving me at least 52 posts for 2014. Be on the watch to see if I reach my goal. Happy New Year!

Happy Surgery Day!

As I sit with my mom in pre-opp, we are filled with gratitude and joy. Today she gets her port taken out. A port or port-a-cath is a small device implanted under the skin to directly access the blood stream. It is used to draw blood, give chemotherapy drugs, and for transfusions of red blood cells or platelets. This is the final declaration that maintenance chemotherapy has come to an end.  She received this friend April 14, 2011. While it has served her well we bid it a fond goodbye. We are celebrating tomorrow with Key Lime Cupcakes! Join us by stopping by your local bakery amd picking up one. Take a picture and post a farewell to my mom’s port.